Wellness Groups

In addition to discussion, all groups will offer practical skills for stress reduction and learning to live more fully in the present. Depending on the needs and wishes of group members, these will include meditation, guided imagery and writing exercises.

Mothering Ourselves

Many of us yearn for the perfect mother to soothe and comfort us in times of stress and support us on our journey. Other women can help us recognize our capacity to mother ourselves. Come join this therapist led group and meet women who will help you connect with your most creative and loving self.

Mindful Eating

In a therapist led supportive environment, you will be introduced to the process of relating more comfortably to food and your body. You will learn to feed yourself when hungry,stop when full and eliminate binge eating. You will learn to identify the psychological issues that affect your unhealthy eating and troubled body image and learn healthier ways to eat and care for yourself.

Parenting from the Heart

Successful parenting requires that we clarify our values and parent from a place of strength, rather than guilt. With the support of the group, you will develop greater self awareness and self confidence, and learn how to turn stressful situations into opportunities for learning, connection and fun.